Our eyesight is the most important sense in our body. Without it, how can we make sense of the world around us? Not taking care of our eyes can lead to vision loss and other eye diseases. We must be able to identify when our sense of sight declines to prevent further eye problems. Taking care of our eye’s health is as important as taking care of our body’s health.  

Our eyes, like most of our organs, are prone to stress and injury if not properly taken care of. Most eye illnesses occur in the later part of our life so it’s better to start early in taking care of them. Vision loss, blindness, glaucoma, and cataracts are the most common eye diseases.   


By protecting our eyes, we are reducing the risks of such illnesses. Some people do not go in for check-ups unless they start to experience changes in their eyesight. These are some of the tips on how to better take care of our eyes: 





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