Styes and Chalazia

A stye (also known as a hordeolum) is a swollen, red, often painful lump on the eyelid. They can be single or multiple and occur on both the upper and lower eyelids. They are usually caused by bacterial infections of lash follicles or glands of the eyelids.


A chalazion is another swollen, red lump on the eyelid due to a clogged oil gland. These tend to be less painful but may cause blurry vision if they are large.


Both of these may be treated conservatively with warm compresses and good eyelid hygiene. If an infection is suspected or significant inflammation, a Doral Health & Wellness specialist may recommend a short course of topical medicated ointment.


If conservative treatment does not clear the stye or chalazion, a simple in-office incision and drainage of the affected area are performed. This is usually sufficient to resolve the issue.